Walters BookReaders are updated! And more content in Omeka

The subject line says it all.

I’ve uploaded new versions for all the BookReaders, and also updated the index to include all the manuscripts in the collection. (Follow the “Walters BookReader” link in the top menu to find it) The BR are greatly improved, however there is a pretty major bug: all the 1-up images display very, very small. Doug is working on methods to fix this, but for now I would just recommend that you use only the 2-up or thumbnail views.

Also this morning, I uploaded a couple of thousand decoration images into Omeka. Some of them are now tagged (with the siglum of the ms in which they are found) and public. (Follow the “Walters Omeka” link in the top menu) This is taking much longer than anticipated, as Omeka seems unable to accept a CSV file with more than about 90-100 rows. Considering the thousands of image I’m dealing with, loading only 100 or so at a time means a lot of effort and time. I’m going to check out the forums to see if there is a way around this, but for now… enjoy!

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