CSV, almost ready for import

I spent this evening finalizing the XSLT to convert the msDesc into CSV for import into Omeka. To the fields I mapped yesterday I’m adding the manuscript siglum (so we can easily find which decorations are from which manuscript), as well as the folio number on which the decorations appear (this was Doug’s suggestion; I’m hoping this will make it possible to create some kind of automatic link between the Omeka records and the corresponding folios within the context of the BookReader).

I’m generating the CSV files now. I had really hoped to be able to process everything into one huge CSV file, but I wasn’t able to get it to work (and really, that would be one huge file) so instead I’m generating one CSV file for each manuscript. There is some post-processing to be done, to keep things from getting too messy I actually put XML tags around each row of data, and those will need to be stripped out. I may see about combining some of the CSV files together, so I won’t have to strip quite as many separate files, but 200 together may be too many. We’ll see. I have a holiday tomorrow so hopefully will have some time to work on this, between cooking and wrangling the toddler.

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