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I know there was a while, when we were in the throes of the Digital Walters Bookreader project when I was updating this blog every night! Then I had to slow down to go to the Digital Humanities 2012 conference, and the ESU Culture and Technologies Summer School, and I had to finish an article (submitted! yay!) and I haven’t really gotten back to this. I did post a long-promised update this evening describing the process of the BookReaders. And I’m planning to continue working on the Digital Walters Omeka – which if it works will be a full catalog of the works and illustrations in all of the Digital Walters manuscripts (including links both to the DW site and to the BookReaders). Hopefully Doug Emery will be willing and able to help with that as he did with the BookReaders project.

I’m currently on research leave, working on an article (maybe two, if I can swing it) on medievalists’ use of digital resources (the topic of my paper at Kalamazoo, my poster at DH2012, and related to my lecture at the ESU School and the article I submitted last month). There’s just too much interesting stuff to say about that, it’s a bit overwhelming. And then of course there is the Medieval Electronic Scholarly Alliance (MESA), which I am co-directing with Tim Stinson at NSCU… just gearing up… and my day job as well (which I’ll be back to on September 4) to keep me busy. But I will keep working here, because… well, because it’s fun.

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