Walters Bookreaders updated!

Just a quick post to say that, thanks to Doug Emery, the Walters Digital Bookreaders have all been updated to remove the bug that was causing all of the 1-up images to appear as thumbnail size. Doug noticed that in our code, image sizes were being parsed as text and not as numbers, so the Bookreader code couldn’t figure out how to process them. It was a simple change, I was able to make it globally, and everything has been updated as of Wednesday night.

In the process of doing the global replace, however, I discovered that Oxygen (which I use for all of my XML and javascript encoding) doesn’t recognize .js files when doing a replace across files (at least, it was not recognizing my .js files). So I downloaded a tool called TextWrangler ( and it got the job done in no time. I’ve actually heard of TextWrangler, about 18 months ago I did a consulting gig with some folks down at Southern Louisiana University and they were using TextWrangler for all of them find-and-replace in XML needs. I’m happy to report that it does work very well.

Over the weekend I’m planning to write up a post documenting how the Walters Bookreaders work, along with the code, so others can try setting up their own page-turning versions of open access page images.

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