Walters Art Museum Manuscripts (BookReaders)

The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore has published scanned images and descriptions of many of their manuscripts under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial License ( I have taken the manuscript images and published them using the Internet Archive BookReader. With substantial help from Doug Emery I’ve modified the BookReader to take information directly from the TEI-encoded manuscript descriptions provided by the Walters, and also to configure right-to-left navigation for non-Western manuscripts.

Please note that the BookReaders pull large image files from a distant server, so it may take a minute or so for images to populate fully.

This is the index for now; eventually I will be creating a more extensive catalog, with more descriptive metadata. Check the blog for updates as things progress.

Walters Ms. W.7, Reichenau Gospels

Walters Ms. W.12, On Christian Rulers

Walters Ms. W.13, Synonyms of Isidore of Seville

Walters Ms. W.18, Rochester New Testament

Walters Ms. W.30, Gloss on the Lamentations of Jeremiah

Walters Ms. W.33, Melk missal

Walters Ms. W.41, Cologne Psalter-Hours

Walters Ms. W.106, Bible pictures by William de Brailes

Walters Ms. W.165, Loftie Hours

Walters Ms. W.171, Duke Albrecht’s Table of Christian Faith (Winter Part)

Walters Ms. W.188, Book of Hours in Dutch

Walters Ms. W.535, Gospel Lectionary

Walters Ms. W.552, Koran

Walters Ms. W.553, Koran

Walters Ms. W.554, Koran

Walters Ms. W.555, Koran

Walters Ms. W.559, Koran

Walters Ms. W.582, Poem in honor of the Prophet Muhammad

Walters Ms. W.583, Collection of prayers for the Prophet Muhammad

Walters Ms. W.585, Three hundred sixty Sufi questions

Walters Ms. W.589, Two works on precious stones

Walters Ms. W.591, Book on logic

Walters Ms. W.596, Memoirs of Babur

Walters Ms. W.615, One hundred sayings

Walters Ms. W.650, Collection of poems (divan)

Walters Ms. W.651, Poems (tarji band)

Walters Ms. W.652, Marvels of the world

Walters Ms. W.653, Anthology of Persian poetry

Walters Ms. W.654, Anthology of Persian poetry

Walters Ms. W.655, Anthology of Persian poetry

Walters Ms. W.656, Poem (masnavi)

Walters Ms. W.657, Three collection of poetry

Walters Ms. W.658, Book on navigation

Walters Ms. W.659, Turkish version of the Wonders of creation

Walters Ms. W.660, Maritime atlas

Walters Ms. W.661, Book on horses

Walters Ms. W.662, Turkish version of Sindbadnama

Walters Ms. W.663, Five poems (quintet)

Walters Ms. W.664, Epic of Alexander the Great

Walters Ms. W.665, Two works on Islamic beliefs and practices

Walters Ms. W.666, Five poems (quintet)

Walters Ms. W.667, Commentary on select verses of the Koran

Walters Ms. W.668, Album of Persian and Indian calligraphy and paintings

Walters Ms. W.669, Album of Indian miniatures and Persian calligraphy

Walters Ms. W.670, Album of Persian and Indian calligraphy, miniatures, and prints

Walters Ms. W.671, Album of Persian miniatures and calligraphy

Walters Ms. W.672, Album of Ottoman calligraphy

Walters Ms. W.673, Album of Persian calligraphy

Walters Ms. W.674, Ottoman diploma in calligraphy

Walters Ms. W.675, Single leaf from the Arabic version of Dioscorides De materia medica

Walters Ms. W.676, Six leaves from Majma ` al-tavarikh by Hafiz Abru

Walters Ms. W.677, Four leaves from a Shahnama

Walters Ms. W.678, Single leaf from Mantiq al-tayr by Farid al-din `Attar

Walters Ms. W.679, Two leaves depicting the Prophet Muhammad, Ali, and his sons Hasan and Husayn

Walters Ms. W.680, Single leaf of a young man with a flower

Walters Ms. W.681, Single leaf of a man on a donkey

Walters Ms. W.682, Single leaf of a youth with a falcon

Walters Ms. W.683, Single leaf of a battle scene from the Baburnamah

Walters Ms. W.684, Two folios from the Akbarnama

Walters Ms. W.685, Single leaf of elephants on a river bank

Walters Ms. W.686, Single leaf of an old man kneeling

Walters Ms. W.687, Single leaf of a monkey riding a goat and three sheep

Walters Ms. W.688, Single leaf of youths before a ruler at his court

Walters Ms. W.689, Single leaf of a lady with a fan

Walters Ms. W.690, Single leaf of a couple embracing

Walters Ms. W.691, Single leaf of courtiers at a reception of Shah `Abbas I

Walters Ms. W.692, Single leaf from Anvar-i Suhayli by Khashifi

Walters Ms. W.693, Single leaf of two young men riding a white elephant

Walters Ms. W.694, Single leaf of a charging elephant

Walters Ms. W.695, Single leaf of a Jesuit priest

Walters Ms. W.696, Single leaf of six spiritual teachers

Walters Ms. W.697, Single leaf of a Portrait of Shahriyar

Walters Ms. W.698, Single leaf of a Mughal court scene

Walters Ms. W.699, Single leaf of the Virgin and Child

Walters Ms. W.700, Single leaf of a portrait of Shah Jahan

Walters Ms. W.701, Single leaf of Mullah Du Piyaza riding a horse

Walters Ms. W.702, Single leaf of an elephant with mahout attacking four men

Walters Ms. W.703, Single leaf of a portrait of Shah Jahan

Walters Ms. W.704, Single leaf of an elephant attacking a horse and rider

Walters Ms. W.705, Single leaf of a portrait of the emperor Jahangir

Walters Ms. W.707, Single leaf of a falconer on horseback

Walters Ms. W.708, Single leaf of women bathing on the bank of a river

Walters Ms. W.709, Single leaf of a seated man with a flower

Walters Ms. W.710, Single leaf of dancing girls

Walters Ms. W.711, Single leaf of a portrait of the Emperor Akbar

Walters Ms. W.712, Single leaf of a portrait of Lal Kunwar

Walters Ms. W.715, Single leaf of elephant combat

Walters Ms. W.743, Koran

Walters Ms. W.745, Single leaf of a seated man

Walters Ms. W.746, Single leaf of a man spinning cotton

Walters Ms. W.747, Single leaf of a mounted figure attacked by a lion

Walters Ms. W.748, Single leaf of a horseman

Walters Ms. W.749, Single leaf of plowing and selling produce

Walters Ms. W.750, Four leaves from the Arabic version of Dioscorides De materia, medica

Walters Ms. W.751, Corvey Gospel fragment

Walters Ms. W.768, Ethiopic Psalter with Canticles, Song of Songs, and two hymns in praise of Mary

Walters Ms. W.771, Album of Persian and Indian miniatures, calligraphy, and European engravings

Walters Ms. W.784, Ethiopian prayer book

Walters Ms. W.794, Single leaf of a Portuguese guard holding a double-pointed lance

Walters Ms. W.805, Bible (part)

Walters Ms. W.808, Yusuf and Zulaykha

Walters Ms. W.812, Single leaf of an outdoor scene in the Safavid style

Walters Ms. W.829, Anaphora of Mary (Mass book)

Walters Ms. W.835, Gondar Homiliary

Walters Ms. W.836, Ethiopian Gospels

Walters Ms. W.844, Two Ethiopian Prayer Books copied together

Walters Ms. W.850, Ethiopian Gospels

Walters Ms. W.853.I, Koran

Walters Ms. W.853.II, Koran

Walters Ms. W.865, Single leaf of a nilgai

Walters Ms. W.873, Single leaf of an elephant in must during a hunt

Walters Ms. W.874, Single leaf from Akbarnama by Abu Fazl

Walters Ms. W.876, Single leaf of Nayaka and attendants in leafy bowers

Walters Ms. W.889, Single leaf of a portrait of a ruler

Walters Ms. W.903, Single leaf of the Virgin and Child

Walters Ms. W.904, Single leaf of a pleasure pavilion

Walters Ms. W.912, Single leaf of Shah Sarmad and Prince Dara Shikoh

Walters Ms. W.918, Book of Hours in Dutch

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