For Spring 2018 I am actively looking for small-scale data management projects. This is work that will help you prepare your data for ingestion into publishing or visualization software. Here are some examples of the type of work I’m interested in:

  • Convert Microsoft Word to TEI/XML
  • Clean/reconfigure data in Excel Spreadsheets
  • Convert data from Excel into other formats
  • Convert data from any kind of XML or HTML into Excel or CSV

Please contact me to tell me about what you need. I’ll usually ask for some sample data, and within a couple of days I will get back to you with a workplan and a quote. Time and price will depend on the complexity of the input and output data, and on what’s happening in my day job.

Here are a few of my recent data conversion projects (most of them done forĀ  the University of Pennsylvania):

  • Reconfiguring a spreadsheet from the Free Library of Philadelphia to ingest images of manuscript leaves into OPenn (on GitHub)
  • Converting TEI/XML manuscript descriptions from the BiblioPhilly project into a CSV for ingestion into Omeka (on GitHub)
  • Converting a Google Spreadsheet into XML (on GitHub)
  • XSLT scripts for converting TEI/XML manuscript descriptions into Internet Archive BookReaders (on GitHub)

You can reach me by email at

See this site’s About page, andĀ my CV, for more about my work.